20 days to find her back

Statues and historic monuments of Brussels wrapped with pink scarves, avenues and trees full of roses and magic pink umbrellas all over Brussels… during the month of January 2009 it was hard not to run alongside the quest of a young and hyperactive lover called Kevin Polof.

« I met this girl on December 22nd at 10h41 on the train from Brussels to Liège. She nailed me on the spot: could not talk, could not move, just enough time to draw her and to print her face on paper… She forgot het pink scarf on the seat. This was a sign life was sending me and I gave myself 20 days to find her! »

This calling could be read on wanted posters in and around all stations and subways of the city. It was the first step of a long 20 day story. The story of Kevin’s incredible quest and tremendous efforts to refind the love of his life.

The whole of Brussels has been holding its breath during 20 long days and followed the journey of this mysterious lover, in particular through his blog www.20jours.be (more than 15000 different visitors per month) but also on platforms such as youtube, vimeo, facebook ou twitter, where Kevin was also very active.

Behind this pink story: Procter & Gamble who decided to gamble on an alternative marketing initiative asked us to help them create and make this concept alive in order to talk about their new perfume: Lacoste Love of Pink and to additionally set the scene for its upcoming TV commercial and with St Valentine’s approaching rapidly.

A bet that has worked as the romantic duo Love of Pink and Kevin Polof have been warming up the conversations during this cold winter (blogs, press…), the perfume has had enormous success and this unique viral teasing project has been awarded a Brand Activation Award.

An initiative that combined street and web marketing and enabled the public to discover the product’s world in an immersive manner. Indeed, on Day 20, the last day of Kevin’s quest, lots of people have joined the initiative to wander under pink umbrellas, on an Edith Piaf’s air: La vie en rose, while receiving their Love of Pink sample.

Conception & realisation : Sponge
Media Agency: Space
PR : Ô sérieux

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