Lively waste sorting

Since January 1st, 2010, waste sorting is mandatory in the Brussels area. A real opportunity for Bruxelles-Propreté and Sponge to join their efforts to spread the message and help to clean the city.

For its last communication campaign, Bruxelles-Propreté decided to inform citizens about selective waste sorting (PMD, paper and cardboard products) and what should be put in blue/yellow trash bags and when to take them out.

To support the existing posters campaign and to engage the citizens further, Sponge spoted a popular place where people are already doing some sorting and where could have the time to read a message and where they: launderettes.

300 posters as well as 600 stickers have been put on the drums of the washing machines in 100 launderettes with this simple message: “If you already sort your laundry then you can also sort your waste” and as such contribute to making Brussels a cleaner city.

Media Agency: Space

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